This time last week….

...I was still green after doing a 5K to raise money for Ted. It was at the very glam (ahem) Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet. Color Me Rad is not the kind race where you aim for a personal best - or even bother timing yourself. In fact, I even missed our allotted start time …


This boy….

Is so cute it makes my heart physically ache sometimes. But trust me, he can be such hard work. Thank god for wine and Netflix. House of Cards and The Good Wife are my current saviours.

The Ted fund is ONE!

You play many roles as a special needs parent. As well as the usual daughter, wife, friend, auntie, mother types, you become an advocate, an adviser, a therapist – and, in cases like ours, a fundraiser too. Talking about money is very un-British, let alone asking people for it to help take care of your …