Meet Super Ted

I first created this page when Ted was five months old and I have never updated it (please read on for older updates and the basic story of Ted’s start in life).

Ted is now 2 years and 3 months, so I think it’s about time I showed you what he looks like now…2015-01-01 10.46.322014-12-09 14.08.40He’s looking well, don’t you think? When I look back on photos of the early days with his skinny body and his teeny tiny pea head, I can see just how far he has come. We all have but below is where we started from…

Super Ted

This is Ted. He’s a happy little chap, isn’t he? Maybe it’s the dungarees. Dungarees make me happy, although I can’t wear them without looking very dodgy so I leave it to him.

Ted is five months old and he’s a very special little man. Ted was born on 7 October 2012 in a birth that really didn’t end as promisingly as it started. After I’d nurtured him for 41 weeks and 5 days, he came out of me floppy and blue, with the cord twice round his neck, not breathing and with no heart rate. He was taken away from me immediately and within hours transferred to St Thomas’ hospital.

At Tommy’s he spent 72 hours in intensive care being ‘cooled’ – his body temperature was lowered to help his brain recover and to boost his chance of survival. During his four weeks in NICU and SCBU Ted had seizures, kidney failure, suspected meningitis, feeding problems… He underwent an EEG, a lumbar puncture and an MRI before finally being allowed home with a feeding tube to the care of two very scared and very traumatised new parents.

The MRI scan showed scarring on his brain, which we’ve since found out is indicative of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and poor brain growth. With motor development problems and predicted severe learning difficulties, we soon realised tough times that marked his entry to the world are going to be a part of our lives for many years to come.

The good news is we still have him. He’s a daily joy and a daily challenge and who knows what the future holds for him. All we know is that we want to make it bright and hopeful and prove the doctors wrong when they tell us he won’t achieve the things most parents take for granted when bringing up a child.

Through this blog and our fundraising efforts we hope that we can make it happen

5 Replies to “Meet Super Ted”

  1. From my heart i wish and pray the best for Ted and for you guys, i have just suffered a serious accident that apart from breaking many bone including my back left me with a severe brain injury, i spent 2 weeks in a coma.

    When i woke the doctors told my loved ones i may never walk, talk or do any of the things i did before, Surfing rock climbing but most importantly care for my 6 yr old son,, that was just over a year ago and since then i have been running, mountain biking, and the best thing by far looking after my son Marley,, Keep the faith in your love for Ted because that is the biggest and most powerful medication he can ever have… I wish you every luck on your journey. I know more than most that we cannot know what the future holds.. and please give Ted a big hug from me…. Good luck.

    1. Oh Vic, what a story! It sounds like you’re well on the road to recovery (or perhaps you’ve made it now?). What a scary experience for you and your family. Thank goodness they still have you. It was great to hear from you so thanks for sharing. Keep well x

  2. U r an inspiration. Ted looks a wonderful happy little boy. 1 of my dearest friend had a baby girl… Amazing Amelia , in Jan ,a traumatic birth caused HIE wiv a pretty bad prognosis. Wiv lots of love , positivity n masses of all different therapies Amelia is thriving, not reaching milestones but like u have said n I keep tellin Amelia,s , your SPECIAL babies have their own milestones. A smile, a giggle , a full bottle, quiet car ride these r all massive things. I,’ve LOVED ready all your blogs … It’s helped me so I can help Amelia n her family. Parents like u are fantastic. Thanku 4 your blogs

    1. Thank you Jo. That’s so lovely to hear – not about Amelia’s problems but that you are such a great friend and offering much-needed support. Celebrate all that our amazing kids CAN do in the face of difficulties and try to not worry about what they can’t. Not always easy but good advice if we can follow it! Speaking from experience, you are so right, a quiet car ride is a massive thing! I think I might be FB friends with Amelia’s mum if she lives in SE London… Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate you reading the blog and I’m glad you found it useful

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