On parenthood 

Ted: the boy that made me a mother and turned my world upside down in so many ways

Neglected though this blog is, I love to write. But I often need a kick up the bum to do it. So when I saw a competition on the excellent Motherland site, I knew I had to enter. I had a good feeling about my chances and it turns out I was right. I won third prize!

I’ve shared a lot on this blog but there are things I’ve never admitted. I feel awful for saying that at one point I wish Ted had died, but it was the truth. It was a fleeting thought in a very dark time and was tied up in the shock and grief of a ‘severe cerebral palsy’ diagnosis, but I would never wish it now. It shows how twisted up I was that I saw it as an easier option. My heart breaks for the many parents who have lost children to the complications of HIE and disability.  Hopefully admitting such a painful truth will help others understand the depths of despair you can be in, but I am truly sorry if it offends or upsets anyone. 

If you’d like to read my musings on the peculiarities of our particular brand of parenthood, see the Motherland blog here.

One Reply to “On parenthood ”

  1. What a deeply honest and beautifully written article, Em. Thank you so much for opening your heart to us all and sharing what has been hiding in there for so long. I feel honoured to hear even a little part of the journey you’ve been travelling these past three and a half years. I love hearing what you have to say xx

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