No photos, please

Looking back at my pics for my previous post, there are some corkers of Ted.

He often gets upset at having his photo taken. We’re not sure why. Check out that sad face.




4 Replies to “No photos, please”

  1. Even when he looks sad, he melts your heart. You might not be able to do a lot with some parts of your body, Ted, but you can say an awful lot with your face. Love your pics. xxx Happy new year xxx

  2. Why the sad face Ted? 😦 I know how to raise a smile:-) You love my stories 🙂 and you love my ‘workouts’ with you :-). You listen to me, you laugh with me and you are a lovely little boy. The past is no longer here, the future is not yet here, there is only one moment for you to live and that is the present moment. I love working with you Ted.XXX With love from your ‘special’ sensory queen. GXXXX:-)

    1. I’m pleased to say we are having lots and lots of smiles from him this weekend. As long as no one points the camera at him 🙂

      I know Ted looks forward to seeing you very much Gill. You’re definitely part of his joyful life xx

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