Focus on therapies

I’ve been meaning to start a weekly thing on therapies for a while now. And in true tardy fashion (er, that New Year’s resolution isn’t going so well), here it is! Well, the intro for this regular slot, anyway.

Ted receiving ABR
Ted receiving ABR. How snuggly?

Here at Ted HQ we do, or have investigated, so many ‘alternative’ treatments for brain injury. I not an expert on all of them but I do have plenty to say on the ones we’ve used. I’m often asked about them by other special needs parents so I thought it would be good to share our thoughts and experiences here. Plus, of course, anyone who has donated to Ted’s fund (and therefore helped pay for these treatments) may also be interested in where that money goes and whether what we do has any impact (it does!).

Doreen working with Ted at an ABM session
Doreen working with Ted at an ABM session

Many of these treatments are not well known or very niche, or run as cottage industries with a tiny workforce driving them. They may be highly effective but there are no clinical trials to prove it. That can put parents in an awkward position.

We must rely on our own research skills, on word of mouth and on anecdotal evidence to decide whether a treatment is worth taking a punt on. It’s a tough call when there are no stats on something’s efficacy or safety. No one wants to be ripped off or sold some kind of snake oil treatment (and believe me there are lots of unscrupulous people out there who will claim to ‘cure’ cerebral palsy and a host of other incurable conditions).  But worse still, you could risk the health, possibly even the life, of your child.

That’s one reason why it’s vital for us to share our info and pass on our successes and failures. I can’t promise that your child will react the same as Ted to a treatment but I wouldn’t recommend anything I thought was unsafe.

The crazy HBOT hood
The crazy HBOT hood

So gradually I’ll be covering all the therapies we do and maybe getting some guest posts on the ones we haven’t tried yet. Expect mutterings on ABR, The Anat Baniel Method, Snowdrop, HBOT, Cranial Osteopathy and Homeopathy, at least.

Hopefully, somebody somewhere will find this useful. Watch this space…


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