Clear communication

Ted is non verbal. That means he has no words. But that doesn’t mean he can’t communicate. Far from it.

He makes choices by looking at things, and he has a wide range of expressions from super excited to heartbreakingly sad.

But recently, he has been using sounds to communicate his feelings. It began with whimpering when I started reading a book he didn’t want at bedtime. This is such an exciting development – or it was until he used his cries to make me repeatedly read Spot’s First Christmas (still going strong as the pre-bed book of choice).

This video takes it a step further – he really shows clear understanding of a word and concept.

I know he gets it because I can stop him crying with the word ‘DVD’. It makes me proud and alarmed all at the same time. (We watch a lot of DVDs but it’s for therapy so I’m OK with that. Mostly.)

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