Ted is non verbal. That means he has no words. But that doesn’t mean he can’t communicate. Far from it.

He makes choices by looking at things, and he has a wide range of expressions from super excited to heartbreakingly sad.

But recently, he has been using sounds to communicate his feelings. It began with whimpering when I started reading a book he didn’t want at bedtime. This is such an exciting development – or it was until he used his cries to make me repeatedly read Spot’s First Christmas (still going strong as the pre-bed book of choice).

This video takes it a step further – he really shows clear understanding of a word and concept.

I know he gets it because I can stop him crying with the word ‘DVD’. It makes me proud and alarmed all at the same time. (We watch a lot of DVDs but it’s for therapy so I’m OK with that. Mostly.)