Ted turns two

What a few weeks it’s been! Ted had his second birthday (much less depressing than his first) on 7th October and, like the Queen, had two celebrations.

Well, three really. Two huge shindigs and a little tea party for the Warminster crew on the day itself.

Mr Tumble would be proud
Mr Tumble would be proud

The star of the show was this wonderful spotty Mr Tumble cake – Ted’s love for Mr Tumble knows no bounds – a thoughtful gift that tasted uh-mazing. Sadly, Dad was working away in London so we tried to take some photos to commemorate the happy day… Didn’t work out well

'Happy' birthday Ted
‘Happy’ birthday Ted

Ted’s going through one of those times when the sight of a camera or phone makes him very sad. It’s heartbreaking, funny and adorable, all at once.

We’ve also had a ton of appointments. In the past couple of weeks Ted has:

  • had his first official haircut (rather than the terrible mum trims I give him)
  • met his new Wiltshire paediatrician
  • been up to London to see a different paediatrician for his two-year developmental check
  • seen the special needs dentist
  • had much-needed cranial osteopathy with the wonderful Christian Sullivan in Bradford-on-Avon. (As a side note I can’t recommend this guy enough. Ted was like a different child after seeing him – he hadn’t been since August and with teething and reflux he had been really agitated and difficult to settle. SO MUCH BETTER after half and hour with Christian)
  • plus all the usual swimming, rhyme time, Steeping Stones, Portage…

That’s just Ted’s diary. We’ve also been busy throwing said parties for Ted, having new carpets fitted upstairs, painting the bannisters, choosing fabric for new blinds, having a replacement window fitted, getting quotes to do work on the house, trying to work out what to do with the downstairs that meets Ted’s long-term disability needs as well as creating a house that flows and works for a young family, seeing our legal team to thrash out whether we are taking action against the NHS for Ted’s injury (that’s all I can say about that right now).

All that doesn’t leave much time for blogging, sadly. But thanks to those who keep checking back to see if I’ve posted and those who have left such lovely comments. We have some weekday help with Ted now so I hope I can post a bit more regularly. Until next time x

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