This time last week….

…I was still green after doing a 5K to raise money for Ted. It was at the very glam (ahem) Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet.

Obligatory post-race selfie
Obligatory post-race selfie


Color Me Rad is not the kind race where you aim for a personal best – or even bother timing yourself. In fact, I even missed our allotted start time (very embarrassing) as the roads were bumper-to-bumper with race participants and Shepton Flea Market visitors. But it didn’t matter. You set your own pace and basically try to get as covered in colour as possible. At each kilometre marker there are people who throw coloured powder or squirt coloured liquid at you (hence the enduring Incredible Hulk look I was sporting for all of last Sunday).

It’s the most fun I’ve had running for a while and the best part is we raised over £1,200 for Ted. I’ll say it again: £1,200! For a 5K!

Huge thanks to all who ran – Laura, Paul, Lee, Nic, Michelle and co – and all who donated (several of whom have supported us many times before. Love you guys). That whopping total goes towards vital treatment for our young scamp and for his super-duper new buggy, which we have almost chosen.

2014-08-31 20.19.17


2014-08-31 20.19.31

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