The perils of doing too many things at once

I am a terrible multitasker. I try. In fact, I constantly juggle several tasks at once. But I just end up either not finishing them, or doing them really badly. I'm prone to doing things like trying to feed Ted while fielding questions from my dad about painting my bannisters, plus publishing a half-finished blog …


I am a mum blogger redefining motherhood

That's what Mother & Baby magazine says, anyway! Before I became a stay-at-home mum/carer, I worked in magazines for 11 years. I edited more than I wrote, but I still get a thrill to see my words on the page, knowing (hoping) people will read them. And obviously, I think the pic of Ted is …

This boy….

Is so cute it makes my heart physically ache sometimes. But trust me, he can be such hard work. Thank god for wine and Netflix. House of Cards and The Good Wife are my current saviours.