The Ted fund is ONE!

You play many roles as a special needs parent. As well as the usual daughter, wife, friend, auntie, mother types, you become an advocate, an adviser, a therapist – and, in cases like ours, a fundraiser too.

Talking about money is very un-British, let alone asking people for it to help take care of your child. But we realised early on, if we want Ted to have the specialist care he needs, we have to do this.

Thankfully, people love to help.  We have been amassing our Ted fund for a year now: 26th February 2013 was the date of our first donation via the fabulous Tree of Hope.

In that time people have given their money, advice, time, items for auction and help in spreading the word. They have run races, put themselves through crazy training regimes, baked cakes, sold clothes and beauty products, hosted parties and club nights and done all kinds of amazing, heartwarming things that have made such a difference to Ted and make us all feel extremely special and loved.

So one year on, I am pleased to announce that the Ted Fund on Tree of Hope has reached a staggering £37,183.22. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel. We are thankful, staggered, humbled and proud.

While we are taking a bit of a backseat in our hassling you for money fundraising, others are still going strong. Like a friend from school who is doing a 10K endurance race for us even though I haven’t seen him for TEN YEARS. (You can support Craig here if you feel that way inclined.) Now that’s the kind of thing that puts the special into ‘special needs’.

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