The one where Ted has surgery

If you follow us on Facebook ( you’ll have noticed that Ted had surgery on his wonky eyes two weeks ago. It was quite an experience!

Post op poorly bubs
Post op poorly baby

He was brilliant in the hospital, and totally won the heart of Jacob, the nurse who was looking after us, with his smiles. It broke my heart to put him under and leave him but it had to be done. He was properly wailing and crying blood when we met him in recovery (eeek!) but we had lots of sleeps and cuddles afterwards in the ward.

Unsurprisingly he was quite upset after the surgery and we had to stay until 10pm before he was OK to leave. That was mainly waiting till he had a wee – which is one of the post-op requirements, apparently. But once at home it was a different story – he puked down Rik several times and was totally off his food for a week.

But after a load of homeopathy, some cranial osteopathy to ease his hard liver (!) and some probiotics to help his tummy, Ted is back on form. With straighter eyes.

Here’s how he looked before (taken in November)

See how his left eye really turns in?
See how his left eye really turns in?

And here he is now (taken on Saturday)

Straight (ish) eyes!
Straight (ish) eyes!

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