It’s assessment time again

We’re off to Devon tomorrow to see the wonderful Snowdrop people, Andrew and Jan. Ted’s second reassessment is due.

Five months passes VERY quickly and it’s always exciting to see what progress little Teddly Pops has made. Well, I say that, but I actually get very nervous on the way down, with a sinking feeling that there will be no change.

I start to feel guilty about the missed reps, or the parts of the programme that tend to get a bit forgotten about (namely tracking and assisted crawling), or the fact that Ted had a fair few weeks of not doing the listening programme as the CD was in grandma’s car. But hey, that’s parenting – there’s always something to feel guilty about.

On the flip side, I’m confident that there will be change. There is always change. It’s not BIG change. Not yet. Ted isn’t talking and walking and munching on toast or hitting any of the developmental milestones that regular NHS testing would flag up (and neither am I expecting that of him at the moment).

But I see change. He opens his hands more (especially since we started individual finger massage). I think he understands a greater number of words (he definitely knows ‘bye’ and promptly bursts into tears when you say it, even if you are talking to someone on the phone). He is making more sounds. He can lift his head better when he’s on his tummy. All of these are what us special needs parents call inchstones and when you have enough of them, you will eventually hit a milestone.

So, after five months of brushing, deep pressure, spinning, visual tracking, music, babbling, assisted crawling and shoulder massage. We get to find out what’s in our new programme to push Ted to the next level…

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