Gratuitous cute baby pics

To balance out that somewhat dreary last post, enjoy a few shots of Ted looking super happy – not such a rare thing these days, I’m pleased to say.





3 Replies to “Gratuitous cute baby pics”

  1. Dearest Emma,

    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t caught up with your blog for a while.
    You are remarkable and brave and you write brilliantly.
    I won’t leave it so long in future.

    Much love to you all, hopefully we will be in London soonish and can deliver hugs personally


  2. Hi Emma and Rik
    Ted is such a little spark! He looks like he is enjoying life. I think of you all often and look forward to meeting Ted soon.
    I look forward to your posts here, please keep it up.

    1. Aaahhhhhhh Netty. We’d love to see you soon – otherwise you’ll be thinking Ted is the imaginary baby…. Will you be in London at any point? Let us know.

      And thanks for your kind comment about the blog. I have about 6 draft posts that I need to tweak and get up here. It’s just finding the time. One thing I’ll say about the boy, he certainly keeps us busy!

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