Savouring the moment


My name is Ted and I love to sleep – I get my best naps on my mum. When I’m alone I can’t stay asleep for long. It’s not as warm and cosy, I don’t feel as safe and I just miss hearing mum’s heartbeat.

That’s what I imagine goes through his head anyway. And much as I’d like him to be in a napping routine, I love it when he snoozes on me. It’s a huge comfort knowing that he’s warm and secure and getting the rest he needs for that all-important brain development.

I also love to look at him. He looks so peaceful and perfect. You could almost pretend that he’s like any other baby.

It’s hard to imagine that one day he will no longer look this way. Not just because he won’t be a child any more.

As he grows, his tight muscles could – will? – cause bone deformities that could twist and distort his perfect little body into something broken and painful and difficult to manage. Just like my thoughts about this whole thing.

Delving into these dark places gets me nowhere mind you. So, for now, I’m wiping the tears and just savouring the perfection that is baby Ted Rollo Haines, aged five and three quarter months.

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