You want the good news or the bad news?

It will actually have to be the good news first as the bad news won’t make sense without it! Dr K was pleased (I think, it’s always a little hard to tell) with Ted’s eyes, his walking reflex, his lack of seizures, his smiling and his impressive urination over everything including me.

He wasn’t so impressed with his head growth but the main point is that Ted’s head has grown – and it hasn’t fallen off the chart yet. Which is what it was shaping up to do at the last appointment.

The bad news is his brain has grown slowly; “there is less of it to grow” apparently. And his movements are “immature” which they’re putting down to cognitive impairment rather than motor difficulties.

I hear what they’re saying but I’m unwilling to write Ted off just yet so I just smile and nod and hope beyond hope he can prove them wrong.