Today is a big day for Team Ted. As well as being my first Mother’s Day, it’s my first trip to Scotland (more than a little embarrassing for a 35-year-old, no?), which means Ted took his first flight. The reason? It’s our family’s first ABR training session.

We’re not really going down the traditional treatment route. I don’t think physio is going to help Ted, to be honest. It hasn’t made much difference to my CP niece and she’s not as severe as Ted. He needs full-on, pioneering, thinking-outside-the-box type therapies and ones that actually treat his brain not the symptoms.

I don’t know what to expect from today. We’ve come a long distance and it costs a lot of money. I can’t even get it clear in my mind what ABR really is, but it looks like it will help and I just have to trust my instinct on that.

So here’s to firsts. I really hope that this is the first of many successful treatments.

And of course, here’s to all the freaking amazing mums I know – and those I don’t. Bask in the attention and admiration today. You bloody well deserve it xx