A stolen moment

Quiiiiiiiiiick Ted’s asleep on the sofa (an unprecedented thing at this time of day. And possibly a fatal mistake on my part for letting him start a nap at 6.30pm). But while he snoozes I must grab this chance to blog. After all, my ace friend Christine of the splendiferous Sew Yeah has prettied it up waaaay better than I ever could and I can’t let that effort go to waste.

It’s going to take some doing to get this bad boy off the ground. As the queen of failed blogs, I know this better than most. Finding the time is going to be a challenge, but I’m facing a lot of challenges right now, which means I’m getting a hell of a lot better at it. Besides, I’ve never had quite such an important reason to put finger to keypad, so I’m feeling pretty confident about this.

There are so many reasons to do this, not least the very obvious fact that my lovely little Ted needs help to get his life off to the start he deserves. I’m not going to say much about it here. I think the title of the blog is pretty clear: I’m doing it for him. To generate funds for his treatment, to raise awareness of HIE and cerebral palsy, and to highlight the alternative but very effective therapies that exist.

But I’m also doing it for myself. As therapy, catharsis, a place to vent my mixed and often overwhelming emotions and to make sense of all the shit that life has thrown at me, at Ted and at Rik, my amazing husband. I hope it helps – and I hope it helps others going through the same thing. Those looking for answers, guidance and seeking someone who knows exactly how it feels to lose those hopes and dreams for your perfect baby and start down the path of raising a hurt one instead.

However you’ve stumbled across this blog, I really hope you’ll stick with us. We need all the friends we can get!

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